Opening blog – Introduction


As the first published entry, I thought I’d introduce myself, my practice and my personal mission. 

I’ve lived in San Diego nearly my entire life, and have found a connection with the communities here. After attending law school, I continued to work with a local Plaintiff’s law firm helping injured individuals fight against insurance companies to make sure they received the care, treatment and compensation they deserved under the law. My goal as always been to help protect the everyday citizen against the large, well-funded and staffed corporations. 

Recently, I have branched out and started my own practice, the BONNICI LAW GROUP, where I am able to team up with other like-minded attorneys and help people get a fair shake when confronted with legal issues. 

My focus has shifted to mainly helping two types of claims:

  •  Bodily Injury Cases: involving auto and trucking accidents, pedestrian injuries, bicycling and motorcycle accidents, as well as slip and fall injuries and dog bites);
  • Foreclosure Defense Cases: involving wrongful foreclosure, mortgage fraud, eviction defense and quiet title actions. 

In continuing to help the San Diego community in these areas, I give the people a voice against corporate America. A more descriptive and detailed account for each area of law will follow in future blog posts. 

As always, as a reader or subscriber to my blog, I offer a free phone consultation on any matter you may have questions on. Feel free to contact me at you convenience  Click the link below to be directed to my website where you can call or email.

Thank you for reading, and look forward to more advice, tips and fun topics to come!





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